April 2016

Hello everyone! We are reemerging from winter hibernation, popping up in the UK for All Tomorrow’s Parties at Sunny Prestatyn, April 15-17. Then it’s on to Café Oto in London (April 18) and Sala Clamores in Madrid (April 19). And then we take Berlin – how many years has it been, Berlin? – where we play the Grüner Salon on April 22. All of these shows will be with our dear friend Richard Youngs – and Damon will be sitting in on drums for Richard’s set.

During our hibernation, Damon worked on a nonfiction book called The New Analogmore about that as the year progresses. And Naomi was caught on camera (still, as pictured here, and video) for designer Gary Graham’s Fall 2016 season launch – she played “The Archivist.”

For the merch-minded, there are new Galaxie 500 tote bags and spring colored t-shirts for sale on the 20-20-20 store. Enjoy the spring!