January 2013

Love and happiness in 2103

Wishing everyone love and happiness in 2013!

We’ve been lazy about updating this site, but please follow us via social media for a blur of constant D&N info. To catch you up on the highlights: in January, we’re playing in London and Paris together with our friend Richard Youngs. These shows will be a double-double bill: we will play as a duo, and then Damon will play drums with Richard – nice work if you can get it!

And last month, Damon turned into a pundit: an article he wrote for Pitchfork about the streaming music services Spotify and Pandora generated a surprising amount of chatter, from the Huffington Post to the Guardian to LibĂ©ration to “China Music Radar” and the “Hindu Business Line” (Google it!). He even got to talk to Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace, who has as sonorous a voice on the phone as he does on our radio. All for explaining how little we make in royalties these days…Go figure!