March 2017

Within These Walls is finally out on vinyl, only ten years late!!!

Maybe we have always been a bit more ahead of the curve than is good for us…? Galaxie 500 ended before Slowcore was a thing. Our psychedelic Shimmy Disc album came out while the Elephant 6 collective were still in high school. We went on tour with an acoustic guitar and Indian harmonium before there was a New Weird America to help make that ok. And we released our most deliberately analog-sounding album before the vinyl revival…

In 2007, we conceived of Within These Walls as a DIY tribute to the great “mood” albums of Sinatra’s Capitol years, which we were listening to obsessively (see 2007 promo photo opposite). So we recorded our new songs with real strings, real horns, real drums, and the very very real electric guitarist Michio Kurihara. It’s meant to be a chamber record with ebow and wah-wah.

And then we looked at our recent vinyl sales, and put it out on CD only. (Cue sad trombone, the one horn we neglected to include.)

This new 2017 vinyl remaster and pressing is just the way we wanted the album to sound, at last.